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Hiya Birdies! The name's Mo! I'm a writer and (horrible)artist! I am a HUGE fan of zombies and horror esque things!
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Name: Mo
Ethnicity: Spaniard
Age: Too old
Current Fandoms: Supernatural, Marvel, Once Upon A Time, Homestuck, Hetalia, and Superjail
Current Mood: Playing Pokemon, muahaha

Stamp: The Walking Dead by ohdrellaZombie Apocalypse - Stamp by little-misanthropeStamp: Zombie Apocalypse by ChibiZexion-VIDon't Worry About It, Cry Stamp by CryaoticConfessionsPewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwlerMinecraft Stamp by kimbo2450LEGO Fan stamp rev_3 by kiowapilotBioshock Stamp by boneworksAssassin's Creed by DesaesedDont Hug Me I'm Scared Stamp by arcanehaloPokemon Stamp by Magegirl-NinoStamp- TF2: Meet the Red Team by anime-dragon-tamerStamp - L4D by NocturnalKittenMarvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86Zacharie Stamp by ChibiChibiShaDangan Ronpa Stamp by RyxedieosOperator Symbol Stamp by JokerhoundHomestuck Stamp by Demon-DolphinHetalia animation stamp by Naru-NisaWelcome to Silent Hill Stamp by CruzleSuperWhoLock Stamp by KatrinaKaySeahawks Stamp by Jamaal10Spain Stamp by l8RPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcuntOnce Upon a Time Stamp by TwilightProwlerCorpse Party Fan by The-Yuri-Canonobject heads by CottonValentAlice and Hatter Stamp by CourtoonBates Motel Stamp by BellaSwanCullen22

Best Friends In Real Life: :iconthe-awesome-hipster:
Brother: :iconethieopia:

Fanfiction: MogaRoca ((… *HIATUS*
That's right, me. 

So, lately I've been scratching and tearing at my skin again* and getting nightmares. It's come to a point where it burns when shampoo or soap touches the sores. I went to a hospital up in Lakewood, WA (cause me and the lil bro decided a few hours out of Tacoma wouldn't actually hurt haha) and the doctors prescribed me some new anxiety/depression medication. They said that I was either having anxiety fits or my skin was allergic to the medication. They didn't want to take any risks so I'm off that specific medication for a couple of weeks. During that time I will most likely be incredibly depressed, tired, sick, and repressed of most emotions. If I at all seem this way it's in no way your fault, I already had a few folks ask me that. 

But anyway, I'll do my best to type up a few stories and maybe doodle here and there. I'm trying to push myself to get up earlier so I can clean house, feed the dogs and cats, and exercise (because you can't just eat healthy to get these abs). But birdies, please, talk to meeeeee. I get so bored chilling around the house, I cannot deal with all this...boredom. So gimme some story or doodle ideas! Or just talk with me! I ain't gonna bite you. 1) That's gross and 2) I don't know where y'all been. Kidding. I'm sure you taste fine. Okay, now I'm just being weird.

Well, that's about it. 

*The sores are mostly located on my back and face. It is incredibly painful to put on the cream medication that helps heal them, so I try to avoid picking at them when I can.

Hasta La Pasta

  • Mood: Worried
  • Listening to: Creepypasta
  • Reading: Marvel Zombies
  • Watching: Hetalia
  • Playing: The Wolf Among Us
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Coca Cola

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